Fastest speeds for online content

Looking to stream BBC iPlayer, hulu, Netflix, spotify and songza?  Look no further.  VPN Authority has optimized its servers so that you may get the fastest speeds possible on any VPN connection.  In addition, our multiple servers ensures no stress is placed on any one specific server.  You can switch servers as many times as you wish with no charges


Easy to setup

Know how to eat with a fork?  You'll know how to setup this VPN so you can stream your favorite shows / radio in no time.  Takes less than 15 seconds.


Access any US or UK website

Whether you are in Australia, Canada, UK or Italy, you can watch your favorite US or UK websites such as hulu, BBC iPlayer, or Songza


BBC iPlayer outside the UK

Interested in UK content?  You can watch iSky, BBC iPlayer whether you are in LA, San Francisco, Sydney or Toronto


Unlimited downloads with no throttling

We do not throttle our servers and do not limit our users by package.  One flat price, one great service and access to our all our US and European servers.  We make getting bbc iPlayer outside the UK easy.


Big brother is not watching

VPN Authority uses a 128-bit encrypted connection between your device (computer, Android, iPhone, iPad) and one of our US or UK servers. This connection is 100% secure and safe.


We love the bird. We're cheap cheap cheap!

We do not have a tiered service.  With our service, you get access to all our servers with 24/7 customer support and no need to worry about speeds and not being able to watch certain programs.


Works with all internet browsers

Whether you are using Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Safari, you'll be able to access VPN Authority.  We have even engineered solutions for the Xbox, Playstation, iPad, iPod, PCs, Macs... Life should be simple, why shouldn't the VPN?


Exceptional 24/7 Customer Service

Customer service is not a priviledge.  It's a right - a right that you have.  We proudly offer the best customer service in the industry.  You can be assured that if you have a question, we will have a response (whether you like it is another story) :)  We have helped thousands connect to their favorite websites whether it's youtube, hulu, BBC iPlayer, or Netflix (the US version).  Get connected with a fast VPN like VPN Authority.

VPN Authority can help you access the following sites.  Unblock the sites now!